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This fruit leather is made from organically grown heirloom apples from North Branch farm in Monroe, Maine and  cranberries grown at Moody Farm in Lincolnville, Maine.  This is a zingy fruit snack!   Each 0.5 oz package contains 3-5 strips.   It's kind of like a fruit jerky, kind of like a fruit roll up. Chew it, think about it, and enjoy it, slowly!  Comes in a compostable pouch.  Product is delicious for  1 year after date stamped on back of package if kept dry.

Maine Apple and Cranberry Fruit Leather

SKU: ApCran 0.5
  • Maine grown apple and cranberry fruit snack will be packaged in 0.5 oz cellophane bag. 

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Slow Rise Farm  Pittston, Maine


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